Stabiflex effervescent tablets

Stabiflex effervescent tablets

Stabiflex™ reduces the symptoms of Osteoarthritis – the most widespread type of the degenerative joint diseases: joint pain, stiffness, reduced flexibility and gradual deformation of the affected joint.

Stabiflex™ contains four active substances, which recover the worn out joints and reduce pain:
Glucosamine (an amino sugar) helps the formation and repair of cartilage;
Chondroitin (a carbohydrate) is a component of the cartilage, which prevents water penetration into tendon and joints. It prevents joint destruction and helps the mechanical characteristics of the joints;
MSM is a source of organic sulphur, which takes part in collagen synthesis;
Ginger Extract has a favourable effect on joint bloating and pain.

Stabiflex™ is recommended for:

  • In case of premature (early) wearing out of the joints;
  • Promotes recovery process after traumas;
  • In case of joint tension and pain.

Also available in oblong tablets.

Stabiflex – oblong tablets

Content per tablet:

Glucosamine sulfate750mg
Chondroitin sulfate660mg
Ginger Extract20mg

Content per tablet:
Glucosamine sulfate750mg
Chondroitin sulfate600mg
Ginger Extract16mg